About Immediatos

Immediato’s Catering was founded in 2005 by Tony Immediato. We started out as a small sub shop that offered great tasting subs and steaks at great prices. Today, we offer catering and have just added a state of the art bakery continuing over 100 years of family baking history.

Tony’s Roots

Tony was born and raised in Wilmington, DE. He is the son of Ronald and Debra Immediato, grandson of Edith and Italo (Al) Immediato, one of the Thee Little Bakers and Oakley (Oak) and Arlen Banning Oak, who was a State of Delaware Representative of the 9th District serving the MOT area.

Tony was raised in the food service industry at his family’s business, The Three Little Bakers Dinner Theater and Country Club. Through the years, Tony worked in all areas of the business, from dishwashing to Banquet Chef to Food and Beverage Manager.

In 2005, Tony and his wife Jennifer had the opportunity to fulfill Tony’s dream of owning his own business. They purchased an existing small sandwich shop in Middletown, Delaware. Tony realized that this was a chance to capitalize on his talents and skills learned from his family business and create a business with his own unique offerings. Tony is proud to carry on his family culinary tradition in serving Delaware for close to 100 years.

Soon after opening their sandwich shop, Tony’s knack for the tastiest subs and sandwiches soon had customers wanting more. He decided to expand his menu to include desserts and some small catering items. The demand for both desserts and catering grew quickly. Immediato’s Bistro then became Immediato’s Catering focusing solely on catering events.

Tony works hard to ensure the needs of each individual customer are met. “We’d love to talk about your catering menu for your next event!” Tony is hands-on and his passion is having – and seeing – happy, satisfied customers!

So, when you book Immediato’s Catering for your next event, you will most likely meet the whole Family – Tony, his wife Jennifer, and two sons, Tony Jr. and Dante. We hope you become one of the family and also a loyal and happy customer.

Bon Appétit

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